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Handout for ErgoExpo - Implementing Creative Job Improvements

DAN MacLEOD is one of the pioneers of the contemporary field of workplace ergonomics and one of the leading ergonomics consultants in the world today. For over 30 years, national and international companies have sought Dan’s innovative approaches to program development, workplace improvements, and on-site training. Dan's success has increased efficiency, prevented thousands of injuries, and saved employers millions of dollars.

Dan is best known for his practical approach and down-to-earth style. He has excellent problem-solving skills, including a strong capability for facilitating problem-solving teams in the workplace. His expert evaluations in over 1500 individual workplaces in multiple industries provide unparalleled experience that can directly benefit you.

Dan is an energetic speaker and trainer as well as a writer who is recognized for his plain language style.  He has developed an integrated package of practical books and training materials that provide you with the tools you need to help you improve your company's workplace ergonomics process. In his training, he promotes an atmosphere of innovation while teaching the essential aspects of ergonomics.  His focus is on improving efficiency as much as in reducing the number of costly injuries.

Dan is multi-lingual and has broad international consulting experience, most recently in China. As one of the leading experts in workplace ergonomics, his influence has dramatically changed countless worksites, including entire industries like auto assembly and meatpacking.

If your problem or concern needs expert attention, please email your inquiry to or call at (570) 242-4664.

25 Ways Ergonomics Can Save You Money

Whether or not your company needs the services of a professional consultant, you can download free of charge 25 Ways Ergonomics Can Save You Money. Learn what you need to know about ergonomics and what the successful implementation of ergonomics can do to improve your bottom line and reduce potential risk for your company.

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Ergonomics Consultant
Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), MA, MPH